Friday, August 24, 2012

Food, Meals and the Portals of Vertical Time

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Those of you who are followers of my blog know that I suspended publication last February, but may not know that I have resumed my work and writing under a new website, Vertical Time Yoga. I have a mailing list in which I announce new postings and would very much like you to be on it, if you aren't already (you can sign up on the Resource page of my website). If you would prefer to follow me through this blog, I will also continue to announce my postings here, then link to my website. 

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Bill Scheffel

Food, Meals and the Portals of Vertical Time
Originally posted to Vertical Time Yoga on 12-Aug: 2012

For at least eight years I have enjoyed a feast nearly every night. Feasts, although they can and have occurred in restaurants are best taken at home, in an environment that is not fully public, a place where the guests come by invitation. "Home" - as I have had many opportunities to discover - can be a hotel room and the meal simply a plate of crackers, cheese and fruit. Most of the feasts I have taken has included a glass or two of wine. Most of these feasts I've taken alone. In some years I might have eaten alone up to two-hundred or more evenings. "Alone" I must put in parenthesis also, since my intention at every feast has been to invite the dralas and dine with them. Perhaps it is often the wine, but I would say the dralas generally appear and we share each other's company. Read more...

Food and Transformation
Posted to Vertical Time Yoga on 24-Aug: 2012

I. Goddess of the Hearth 

The photograph above shows a bowl of uncooked red lentils. They are the main ingredient in a dal I make, the legacy of a part-time business I had in Boulder the 1990s, Cuisine of India Catering. Since shortly after my father died in August 2012, I've been living out of a suitcase. I have traveled in the United States and abroad and have visited many friends along the way. I've been living from the suitcase for twenty-three months and have given the dal recipe to several of my friends and shown them how to make it. Read more...

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